Strengthen Solidarity and Advance Our Struggles!
Resist Neoliberal Attacks on Migrants and Peoples of the World!
IMA 3rd General Assembly
Manila, Philippines
November 12-13, 2015

1. Introduction

Founded in June 2008, the International Migrants’ Alliance, or IMA, remains to be the leading international movement of grassroots im/migrants, refugees, displaced peoples and their advocates and friends fighting for the protection of their rights and welfare and finding a solution to the worsening problem of forced migration, war and conflicts, racism, discrimination, social exclusion, etc.

The IMA was formed in the midst of a global economic crisis in which migrants, among many marginalized sectors of society, bear its brunt. Migrants belong to families in abject poverty in developing countries, where unemployment is high, inflation continues to rise and where business interests take precedence over the interests of people.

Today, with the world having 232 million international migrants, about 3.2 percent of the world’s population, problems continue to confront our sector wherever we may be.

Already, the Mediterranean Sea crisis grips Europe as many of its countries fortify border control and barr from entering thousands of asylum seekers from crisis-stricken Africa and the Middle East. Many of those stranded at sea starve to death, feeling helpless and abandoned. Similar is the case of the Rohingya who suffer the same fate at sea with governments in the region offering no immediate and long-term solution to their problems.

Migrant workers in the Middle East are caught in the crossfire as conflict continues to intensify in countries like Syria. Already, the conflicts lead to the further displacement of peoples like those from Syria and Palestine.

Problems of labor flexibilization, contract violations, exploitation and abuse, trafficking, modern slavery, racism, discrimination and bigotry, non-implementation of the C189, continue to proliferate. Undocumented migrants in the US, Europe and many parts of Asia (i.e. South Korea) are tagged as criminals and are persecuted. Victims of trafficking like Mary Jane Veloso continue to be at the mercy of governments.

This morbid situation confronting im/migrants, refugees and displaced peoples intensifies the neoliberal paradigm of migration for development is vouched and advanced by international and intergovernmental platforms like the Global Forum on Migration and Development, the United Nations and other imperialist instruments to arrest the global crisis that they themselves have created.

This neoliberal paradigm is clearly followed in the post-2015 development agenda of the UN placing migration as a tool for development. They focus on facilitating labor migration yet only giving lip service to resolve problems faced by migrants.

Neoliberal trade agreements like the TransPacific Partnership, Trans Atlantic Investment and Investment Partnership, North American Free Trade Agreement and the Latin American Free Trade are being railroaded in an attempt for imperialists to control the market. Clearly, in an attempt to subvert the global economic crisis, they are only contributing to making it worse putting marginalized sectors in society, including local and migrants, to suffer.

It is in under this circumstance that we need to further strengthen our resolve, build solidarity with our local and migrant brothers and sisters, to advance our causes, our rights, welfare and dignity, and rally collectively to resist the onslaught of neoliberal globalization on our sector and on all peoples of the world.

Hence, in our 3rd General Assembly, which we have set to hold around the time of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in the Philippines, we declare the theme: Strengthen Solidarity and Advance Our Struggles! Resist Neoliberal Attacks on Migrants and Peoples of the World!
2. The 3rd General Assembly

The 3rd General Assembly of the IMA will happen in Manila, Philippines this November 12-13, 2015. As the highest policy making body of the alliance, the 3rd General Assembly aims to gather all member organizations, both regular and associate, to discuss and assess the activities and campaigns that occurred the past term (June 2011- November 2015), review and accept new members into our roster, deliberate and approve amendments to the constitution and bylaws, develop a plan of action for the next term, and elect a new set of officers in the International Coordinating Body (ICB).

During the two-day meeting, we will have reports to be provided by our chairperson, regional representatives, and treasurer. Discussions around issues at the level of global regions will also be initiated as action resolutions and recommendations are also discussed and submitted.

We will be sending in advance proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws for your perusal and comments. Your input to the proposed amendments and possible additions you may put forward is very important – this will cut the time of our deliberations during the actual general assembly, saving us a lot of opportunities to discuss other equally urgent matters.

It is very important that all member organizations of the IMA be present in order for us to address the problems besetting not only our sector but also our organization, find solutions to organizational hiccups and problems within the IMA so that we as a global alliance will be able to move forward and work effectively in advancing and winning our campaigns for our sector, our families and all peoples.

The registration fee per participant to the 3rd General Assembly is USD150. The regs fee include food (Breakast, Lunch & Dinner) and accommodation from 11 – 12 November. Please also settle your membership dues (Euro20 per year) to the secretariat during this time. The IMA Secretariat will get in touch with you regarding this.

The venue of the IMA 3rd General Assembly is at the:

Sequoia Hotel
91-93 Mother Ignacia Avenue,
corner Timog Avenue, Quezon City
Philippines 1103

More information about the place and how to get there from the airport will be provided at the Travel Advisory that will be sent around October.

3. Program of the 3rd General Assembly

Day 1 – November 11

Arrival and registration of participants

Evening: Regional caucuses (WITH ROOM from 7pm to 10pm)
Meeting of the ICB

Day 2 – November 12

9-930AM Opening ceremonies
Opening and welcome

9:30-10AM Keynote (TBC)

10AM-12NN Approval of the agenda
Rules of participation
Presentation and acceptance of new members
Report of the Chairperson
Report of the Treasurer


130-5PM Regional reports and International issues

DINNER Regional caucuses for regional representatives in the ICB
Consultation of IMA associate members

7-10PM Ratification of amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws
Deliberation and approval of the General Program of Action
Submission and approval of action resolutions

Day 3 – November 13

Presentation of election committee, election rules and election of the ICB
Closing and adjournment
Meeting of the new ICB
4. Coordination

We would like to request all of you to coordinate with the IMA Secretariat as well as your respective regional coordinators regarding your participation. An online registration has been set up to help you register more easily.

Regarding regional reports, the IMA Secretariat will be sending a guide to assist regional coordinators in writing your respective reports. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at

5. Online Registration
We request everyone attending the assembly to please register to our online registration with this link:

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