About the IAMR

The International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR) was first organized by the International Migrants’ Alliance together with Ibon International, Migrante International among many other people’s organizations.

The First IAMR was organized as a counter-conference to the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) which held its 2nd Meeting in Manila, Philippines last 2008. Since then on, the IAMR was organized around the same times as the GFMD’s meetings with the objectives of raising the concerns of the migrants and refugees whose rights, conditions and demands are not taken up by the GFMD as well as expose the GFMD’s neoliberal agenda and treatment of migration as a tool for development.

In the next two years, the IAMR was held in Athens, Greece (2009) and Mexico City, Mexico (2010).

This year, the 4th IAMR will be held in New York, USA as the grassroots migrants and refugees’ conference to highlight their demands as the United Nations holds its High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development in the said city this October.

For more information on the past IAMRs, pls check the links below. We will also be posting materials and documents related to the IAMR in the succeeding weeks:

IAMR 2008 (Manila) – http://iamr3.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/declaration-iamr-manila-final.pdf
IAMR 2009 (Athens) – http://iamr2athens.blogspot.hk/
IAMR 2010 (Mexico City) – http://iamr3.wordpress.com/

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