Statement on the 2015 IMD

Let Odds Be In Our Favor: Defend the Rights, Welfare and Dignity of Migrants and Peoples! Fight and Fail Neoliberal Attacks on Us and Our World!

Statement of the International Migrants Alliance on the 15th International Migrants Day
18 December 2015

This year, migrants have faced tremendous odds. Economies of receiving and developed countries have remained in the brink of collapse and have not recovered since 2008. The continued adherence of world powers to neo-liberal policies has created fragile economies, jobs have been scant and unemployment remains high. To mask the weakness of their economies, governments from the North are quick to blame the migrants as the source of job scarcity, fueling xenophobia and racism against the migrants, despite the reality that the most dangerous and dirty jobs are being reserved for the them. This is happening in the midst of the top 1% continuing with the plunder of taxes and public funds, coupled with governments imposing belly-crushing belt-tightening policies and austerity measures.

The economic pressure is worst in the migrant-sending countries, forcing more and more people to move out of their countries to seek livelihood abroad. The desperation is so grave that many migrants fall prey to human traffickers who promise a quick and easy route to receiving countries in exchange for unimaginable fees. Men and women are treated as cattle, packed in skimpy boats and pushed to the mercy of the seas. It is enraging to see how our brothers and sisters, like the Rohingya, have been treated like criminals as other victims of human trafficking when governments could and should be giving them immediate refuge.

War and the continued doctrine of regime change are dropping bombs over the heads of civilian population in the Middle East and African region (MENA). Millions of civilians are trying to claw their way out of war zones, with only the clothes they wear as their possession. Europe is now flooded with migrants and refugees from the MENA and this is increasing pressure on existing social accords. Right-wing governments are again raising the ugly head of xenophobia and war on terror to drive back the migrants and refugees, in effect condemning them to die from bombs and bullets.

Even before the bombing of Syria forced millions to leave their homes, many migrants were already seeking developed countries as a greener pasture compared to the dearth of economic opportunity back home. Many were forced to choose between becoming undocumented or going hungry. This situation has been a profitable opportunity for human traffickers and smugglers, preying on the most vulnerable of migrants.

The vulnerability of migrants has been underscored by the disappearance of the 43 students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico since September 26, 2014, wherein many believe that their situation is attributed as retaliation to their campaign against human trafficking syndicates operating in the area. Many activists, including 25 members of the Popular Revolutionary Front (FPR), have been arrested due to their fight against syndicates.

But this seems not enough for the world elite. Their eyes are fixed on plunder of the economies of the developing world, with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) being secretly discussed among the government of the leading capitalist economies. Even the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations were developed within the same neoliberal frame and the role of the private sector, specifically the business sectors, is amplified in the achievement of the said goals. The destruction of the environment continues and no end in sight despite the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting climate change.

As migrants, we need to fight the attacks of neoliberal policies here in our own countries and in countries we are working for a livelihood. We must clasp the palms of other migrants, build solidarity with the local workers to fight the many policies which are killing us and the planet. We must struggle to defend our rights as citizens, we must fight for a better life for us, for the present generation and the next.

Migrants and Peoples, Fight the Labor Export Policy, Create Jobs At Home Now!

Migrants and Peoples Say No to Discrimination!

Migrants and Peoples Say No to Neoliberal Policies!

Migrants and Peoples Say A New World Is Possible!

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