Justice for the 26! Investigate the jungle graves in Thailand!

There will be no peace for those who have perished or for their families if justice is not served.

This is the statement of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA) as it calls on the Thai government to allow an immediate, independent and credible investigation of the jungle camps where 26 bodies of alleged victims of human trafficking have been found early May 2015. The trafficked victims, said to be Rohingya Muslims, have apparently died from starvation of disease.

A few days after, more jungle graves almost 200 meters from the Thailand-Malaysia border were discovered. However, no bodies were found.

According to news reports, the victims were made to stay under the harsh conditions in the jungle until ransom has been paid by their families to the smugglers or trafficking syndicates.

For the IMA, this is a clear violation of the human rights of peoples, especially for the Rohingya people. They have been denied citizenship and shunned both by the Burma/Myanmar and Bangladesh governments. They have been inhumanely treated on so many occasions. It can be remembered that more than 200 were killed and many thousand families displaced when a bloody conflict arose between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar last 2012.

The Rohingyas have suffered enough. They should be given justice. And this investigation is one step closer to that.

The IMA, a global alliance of grassroots migrants, refugees and displaced peoples, will closely monitor this situation and will be working with various groups in relevant areas and countries.

Save the Rohingya!

Eni Lestari, chairperson

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