[Call for Endorsement] Condemn the summary deportation of 75 undocumented migrants in Japan

May we request your organization to sign as endorser for the attached Joint Statement of condemnation on the recent summary deportation of 75 undocumented Filipinos in Japan.
The Tanggol Migrante Network (Japan) is a collaboration between Migrante Japan and JALISA (Japan Association of Lawyers for International Solidarity) . We are seeking the support of other lawyers groups, migrants organizations, NGOs and other migrant and human rights advocacy groups and individuals in filing a formal protest to the Justice Ministry of Japan and the Philippine government regarding human rights violations committed against the 75 Filipinos.

IMA Statement on Submission to UN HLD on Migration and Development

Statement – 15 July 2013

“Migration is a product of underdevelopment”

IMA: Development for the people, not for profit

The International Migrants’ Alliance, a global alliance of grassroots migrants organizations, will hand in a submission to the UN General Assembly High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development (HLD).

Gathering endorsement and support from almost a hundred organizations and counting, this submission reflects the IMA’s position on the current global discussion on migration being deemed as a tool for development.

In the submission that will be handed over by IMA members participating in the HLD Interactive Hearing in New York this July 15, the IMA challenges the leaders of the U.N. to rethink the framework by which they look at migration vis-à-vis its links to development. Continue reading

IMA Submission to the U.N. High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development (2013)

Towards a world where migration is a right, migrants are accorded the full range of human rights, and their sustainable contribution to further development is realized

Submission to the General Assembly High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development 2013

Submitted by: International Migrants Alliance (IMA)[1]


To date, it is a foregone conclusion that the world is far behind in achieving the outcomes targeted by the Millennium Development Goals. Despite its popularity, high commitment and general optimism when it was first introduced, countries are still hard-pressed to meet the targets of the MDGs – eradicate extreme hunger and poverty; achieve universal primary education; promote gender equality and empower women, reduce child mortality; improve maternal health; combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; ensure environmental sustainability; and, global partnership for development.

While the UN remains positive in achieving the MDGs with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon emphasizing on the MDG-8 (global partnership for development) as a key towards achieving the MDGs, the Millennium Development Goals Report 2012 also indicated that the advances in the MDGs are unequally distributed among regions and among countries and that the multiple crises that continue to impact the world have actually slowed down the progress of the MDGs (United Nations, 2012). Continue reading

IAMR4 to happen in New York


The International Migrants’ Alliance invites everyone to the 4th International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees that will happen in New York City, USA this October 3-4, 2013. It shall gather migrants, refugees and displaced peoples mainly from North America and other parts of the world as the United Nations holds around the same time its High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development.

For more information, please visit the IAMR4 page in the IMA website or check the IAMR4 webpage at http://iamr4.com/.